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Mental Health Initiatives

Amazing charities, such as Heads Together, Mind, Time to Change and NHS initiatives, such as Every Mind Matters, offer a fantastic array of awareness-raising initiatives and support groups to address the harsh reality that mental health has been under-valued and misunderstood. Mental illness still has a stigma attached to it, where individuals who are struggling psychologically can be seen as abnormal, weak or broken. This is not a context where vulnerability and courage to voice our fears or concerns regarding our emotional and mental wellbeing feels safe for many individuals. I applaud the passion and expertise of all the individuals involved in these initiatives and wanted to take this opportunity to promote them and their good work. They also offer a great array of self-help articles and activities that present and potential future clients may want to explore to help their personal progress.

  • Mind

  • Every Mind Matters

  • Heads Together

  • Time to Change

  • Rethink Mental Illness

Life Transformation Links

The below websites provide simple but yet also innovative ways to approach and change life decisions and living habits. They are an upbeat and motivational aid to self-progression and improvement, as opposed to being hugely philosophical and intellectual!

  • Mind Body Green

  • Authentic Self

  • Creativity Post

  • Hack Life

  • Psychology Today